About the id: The id was created as an answer to a common problem! At trade-shows, conventions, and other special events with dim lighting, I found I could not read peoples’ names on their badges. The solution? A light-up badge! Guests at my booth were able to read my name and affiliation without zeroing in directly on my chest. When I saw others wearing the id: the light-up badge, I was relieved to be able to do the same.

The id: The Enlightened Answer for Meetings & Events

A light-up badge for name & logo displays can provide a unique visibility opportunity. Ordinary, non-illuminated metal or plastic name badges cannot compare to a light-up badge, like the id. This light-up badge lets you make a visual statement that people can easily read. With the id illuminated display, your logo, product, name, or corporate identity can be seen from a distance – no matter the lighting conditions!

The id light-up badge helps people see you and your message before they notice anything else. Be seen first and remembered long after the event!

With the use of an easily produced insert, any image or text can be made. Your display can use full color images from photographs or produced by graphic software. Find an image you like, size it, print it and insert it. It’s that simple!

How to Use The id Light-Up Badge:

1. Use your favorite colors, fonts, and graphics for a custom badge with your name or logo!

2. Use the id as place cards at conferences, trade-shows, weddings, special events, or convention displays to make your convention booth lit. Customization is up to you with your The id!


3. Use the id to direct guests at weddings to their tables or as catering cards for the buffet. What better way to showcase delicious cuisine?

How Can I Charge The id?

The id features an easy-to-use USB adapter for charging. There are no batteries! You can count on the id device for approximately 20 hours of continuous use. Simply plug it into the re-charger for about an hour.

Whether for personal use or by your entire organization, the id light-up badge provides an absolutely brilliant impression of you, your company, and your service!