The id is the first vehicle to allow you to take your message anywhere and everywhere in a very personal way. Your message is no longer limited to a static piece waiting to be noticed, but a mobile, bright, unique display that cannot be missed. Whether you want to communicate with bright flashy colors or present a soft and subtle message, the id provides the perfect format.

If you place a sign on a wall, some people will see it. If you have a number of people walking around wearing the message, almost everyone will see it. Now, with the addition of backlighting every message definitely gets noticed.

The id can be used in literally hundreds, if not thousands of ways. We can give you an idea of a few of these so that you may be able to identify potential clients.


Hospitality, Hotels and Caterers:
1.Indentify their staff
2.Advertize special drinks, foods or promotions
3.Signage in the bar or restaurant ( “Reserved” “No Smoking”)
4.Create place settings at tables so guest can easily find their seat assignments
5.Highlight displays or center pieces
6.Private party ( birthday, anniversary, Bar Mitzvah) gifts
7.As a portable light source for patrons in dimly lit establishments
8.Gifts to guests
9.As part of marketing co-op programs with suppliers

1.Imprinted gifts with corporate logos
2.Create ad campaigns
3.Use as name badges for trade shows and conferences or at parties.

Tourist Areas:
1.Staff identification
2.Theme parks, in retail outlets or kiosks to be sold with character inserts or custom printed with the guest’s name and park name.
3.Museums can have their guides wear the badges and then make them available in the Gift Shop with inserts based on the current attraction.
4.Concerts as back stage passes or Images of the group or artist appearing as souvenirs
5.Static Signage: “No Smoking” “Quiet, please”

1.Child’s night light in which the child or parent can download images of their favorites heroes or other characters
2.Portable lights for use when trying to read in the dark or see where you are going.
3.Add on products for florists for use on Special occasions.
4.Party supplies for all kinds of events

1.To identify security personal in dimly lit areas
2.Personal visibility when walking at night. Let on-coming traffic see you
3.By use in institutions where patients have some visual issues (Nursing homes)